Interviews & Profiles

NEW Fresh Air – March 5, 1997

Whad’ya Know – April 5, 1997

KQED interview with Michael Krasny – June 1999

The Connection interview with Christopher Lydon – 1996

2004 Interview with David Kipen in San Francisco for City Arts & Lectures

2003 Interview with Caleb Crain

1999 Interview with Lewis Frumkes

DFW Lipsky Road Trip Audio

The Usage Wars – The Connection, March 2001

“Another Supposedly Fun Thing” Essays from TTBOOK Program “Pursuit of Pleasure” 1997

German Television Interview 2003

Infinite Jest interview from TTBOOK Program “Unwholesome Entertainment” 1996

The unedited interview from the Oblivion Stories 2004

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WBUR’s The Connection

WNYC Leonard Lopate Interview