While these files might exist elsewhere on the web, our hope is that archiving them here will serve as a useful redundancy. Included herein you’ll find various recordings under the following category headings:


I have tried to include everything I came across in my (hopefully) exhaustive search that was not currently for sale elsewhere.

Namely this excluded the following:

These are worthwhile and essential pieces of out-loud David Foster Wallace (even though ‘McCain’s Promise’ is read by someone else) and I highly recommend you obtain them.

The elements that are here should be easily identifiable by information which will be attached to the MP3’s. If you’re unsure of what any certain file is, or what its source was, drop me a line. I hope to post all of the audio files’ source pages eventually but I don’t have that all gathered together just yet. My apologies for that.

I’ve found that listening to large chunks of the project in a concentrated period of time has the ability to transform the most mundane road trip or massive cleaning project into a compelling, thoughtful adventure.

Lastly, if you would like to press legal charges against me for something in this collection that is copyrighted, I would be sad and disappointed to hear from you but nonetheless appropriately responsive.

If you can find any DFW-Audio artifacts that aren’t included here I’d love to hear them. Please feel free to email me any leads or MP3’s. Send here: ryan@hallelujahthehills.com

Thank you and please enjoy,

P.S. A very nice fan of this website named Greg Borenstein has created an RSS feed for all of the MP3s we host here on the website.

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This collection of David Foster Wallace recordings was originally collected by Ryan Walsh in early 2009. This website was built and is maintained by Jordyn Bonds.